Customer Service in (Northern) Italy

As a U.S. American, we really are spoiled when it comes to customer service. I have heard that the tides are changing and one might think that customer is on the decline in the U.S. And, that might be true. However, compared to customer service in Italy (northern Italy, specifically), the service one receives in […]

558 days later . . .

March 14th marked my one year and half of living in Italy! I can’t believe it! I’m doing it!  In this post, I would like to go over questions and comments made by friends and family about this process. “ You are so brave. I wouldn’t have the guts to do what you did.” I […]

Deconstructing Privilege

What is Privilege? It’s the notion that because of your color (amongst other things), you will almost always have the upper hand. You can dismiss certain societal difficulties as trivial because it will never be a difficulty for you. But privilege isn’t just about color, or gender — it can also be a passport or […]

Self-Awareness vs Self-Consciousness

Becoming self-aware has been an ongoing activity of mine since I had started my graduate studies (7 years ago!); I try to be aware of my taught values, analyse why I believe what I do (and, btw, this can be incredibly difficult and painful), reject those beliefs that are based in a time when people […]

La Festa di Santa Lucia

In the States, we have Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Not related, except that Thanksgiving signals when it’s appropriate to start decorating, shopping, or playing Christmas music (although, the line of acceptability has become increasingly more blurred). Here, there is a Saint’s festival like once a month – in December there are 4. On the 8th […]

Let there be crafts

As the holidays were approaching, I decided I would return to card-making and crafting. I loved crafting when I lived in Portland (most of my crafting supplies are still there, unfortunately). I had some extra time, and I thought some homemade gifts and cards would be enjoyed by my family back in the States and […]