Corsi di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

I have to take a minute and acknowledge awesomeness when I see it. 

I have been taking some lessons at a local school here in Verona. Veronetta129 is a wee school that only teaches Italian. They are organized, have private classes as well as group classes, and their prices are very reasonable. The instructors are patient and knowledgeable. They have a mix of a basic understanding of English (to understand what I’m trying to say), a resolve NOT to use English to explain ideas (unless it’s absolutely necessary), they have a cultural awareness not many people (anywhere) possess of their own country, and they make learning easy by engaging the learner in conversation about . . . the learner. The BEST way to get people to invest in learning is to make it relevant to them. Bravo!

If you are coming to Italy, specifically Verona (but not only Verona as they do Skype lessons), I highly recommend these guys! They laugh, they offer help with local stuff, they help decode the culture and the people, and they are incredibly patient (I have been making the same mistakes since day one and they haven’t thrown anything at me yet!). I have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.

Emanuele e Alice, se state leggendo questo post, vorrei dirvi, “GRAZIE MILLE!” Siete molto bravi!! Ho imparato qualche regola e sto usando la lingua più! Penso che ci sentiremo ancora.

Their contact details:


FB: Corsi di Italian a Verona – veronetta129

via Gaetano Trezza, 64
37129, Verona, VR Italy
PH: +39 045 221 0317IMG_2566

2 thoughts on “Corsi di Lingua e Cultura Italiana

  1. I’ve been trying to use smartphone apps to learn words, it’s helped to a point. I need to expand and have sorta started the flashcard approach to the 1000 most used Italian words. From what I’ve seen on YouTube this method will help put the words together to form sentences and then further the level of confidence. But that’s the thing…confidence. It’s what most of us lack when we are faced with having to speak a new language. That and being able to comfortably practice it with others which is nearly impossible if you don’t live in the country you’re trying to learn their language. I’ll be certainly looking for a language school when I get over to Italy.


    1. Confidence is definitely important. I still have little to none when trying to communicate to Italians. And what complicates matters is that every village and town speaks a different dialect (which has more difference than American English and British English – a lot more!). So, if they start speaking to you it might not be in Italian, but it sounds like it and you’re wondering why you can’t understand anything they are saying. And they are regional accents too. I have started to watch movies – main stream – so I can hear it how it is used. I actually understand more!

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