Overcompensating for one’s own culture and missing the other’s

I have always been hyper sensitive about not speaking another language very well and about behaving like a “typical US American.” I try not to perpetuate stereotypes about US Americans. I also try very hard to understand local culture and behaviour so that I can be respectful and not do something stupid; just because something […]

Own your ignorance; tips for the US American tourist

It may seem harsh referring to US American tourists as ignorant. (Remember that “ignorance” means “lack of knowledge.”) But Americans aren’t the only ignorant tourist group. I think anyone going abroad will have varying levels of ignorance, depending on how many times he/she has traveled, with what intention, curiosity about the destination, etc. I write […]

The Benefits of a Very Traditional Society

The main purpose in my writing this blog is to help any other U.S. American, or anyone from another culture, to understand what pitfalls one may experience. There are just as many wonderful things about being here, versus being in my home country. But the one thing that I do not want to do is […]

Customer Service in (Northern) Italy

As a U.S. American, we really are spoiled when it comes to customer service. I have heard that the tides are changing and one might think that customer is on the decline in the U.S. And, that might be true. However, compared to customer service in Italy (northern Italy, specifically), the service one receives in […]